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Affiliates - Medicinal Nutrition


Are you a wellness professional longing to create a ripple effect of HEALTH and HAPPINESS while earning money doing what you LOVE?


Every month, I am sending out lots of moola cha-cha to my affiliate team. It feels amazing to be part of the ripple effect of health and happiness and share my abundance in the process. I created my affiliate network for wellness professionals who aren’t (or aren’t yet!) experts in the areas of hormones, natural fertility, menstrual cycle rebalancing, and healing with food – but want to offer this material to their clients. Sharing my courses and offerings can add new dimension and fresh information for your tribe.

Financial Growth

Here’s all the important deets’ about becoming a Medicinal Nutrition affiliate:

You tell your peeps about my e-courses and products via your emails newsletters, blog, or social media outlets. You can talk about it, write reviews about any of my products or courses you have used, work with me in a featured interview (contact me here) or simply add a linked image to your website sidebar (my tech team can help you do this). Being an affiliate is all about collaboration and sharing.

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Being an affiliate also aligns our mission and brands. I have a solid following of nearly 60k on Facebook, 5k on Twitter, plus thousands on Instagram and Pinterest, so I want to make sure my affiliate team is getting promoted too and we are working together to give our communities the best information available to transform their health.

You’ll receive a special, unique link (generated below via the form you complete). When you post or talk about my programs all sales coming from your unique link will be meticulously tracked and recorded. You’ll be able to view that information (and more) via your affiliate login.

You receive 50% for any product sales that are purchased through your link – AND IT REALLY ADDS UP

Every single month, you will receive your appreciation check. Cha-ching. Becoming an affiliate means that your business now covers more topics than your own personal niche, excellent earning potential and a pride knowing your clients have signed up for an amazing course that will transform their health.  Total score.