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Do the symptoms of hormone imbalance rule your life?

I suffered for YEARS with symptoms from Hashimoto’s thyroid disease, so I feel ya! Dull dry skin, brain fog, weight gain, constipation – it sucks. For decades I suffered from intolerable, painful periods, PMS like nobody’s business and countless symptoms stemming from my thyroid disease.

When I was first diagnosed at 27, which I once thought was exceptionally young for a hormone related imbalance. I felt alone and damaged. I soon discovered that approximately 14 million Americans have Hashimoto’s and an estimated 300 million people worldwide suffer from some sort of thyroid imbalance- yet over half remain undiagnosed.

The number one symptom of hypothyroidism, or slow functioning thyroid, is fatigue.  When you are hypothyroid your body is not making enough hormones to sustain your body’s need. The result? You may feel like you’re drudging through the day- needing caffeine and fake energy sources-and have a plummeting energy supply. But symptoms can be so vague you may think you are ‘just going through something”: hair loss, dry skin, subtle (but steady) weight gain, brain fog – all these things can all be chalked up to stress. Perhaps you have always felt like crap and just don’t know how GOOD you can feel.

Upon my diagnosis nearing a decade ago, I immediately started to dive in to all of the confusing information available about my hormones, to try and make sense of my failing body: TSH, T3, Reverse T3…It was all so overwhelming. Before starting any long-term Hormone Replacement Medication, I took a deeeeep breath, and became my own health advocate and started with what I knew: FOOD. I soon started to discover an abundant amount of information about my beauty and skin products, makeup, supplements like selenium and DHEA (which no doc wanted to address) as well as the dangers of soy, gluten and more that were affecting my thyroid and hormone health.

As I started to make small changes in my diet and lifestyle, I started to notice marked improvements. The shift was so palpable for me: my skin started to glow again, stubborn weight started to drop, my energy levels returned, my immune function improved (I was  sick all the time) and I finally felt like I wasn’t stuck in the clouds. Above all, my once intolerable pain from my periods started to dissipate. I no longer wished to leave my body every 28 days.

In just two months my high TSH went from between 12-15 to between 5-6, which for those who know, this is an incredible improvement (although still very hypo).

As time passed, I found a doctor who would work with the kind of treatment I wanted. It took me visiting 12 doctors in New York City! TWELVE. I didn’t want to take a synthetic hormone for the rest of my life and no doctor would listen. Until one did. She allowed me to explore all options, and with her help and helping myself – I am thriving in good health today.

It wasn’t like one day I woke up and “bam I am better!”, it was a gradual process. However, I do recall a glorious morning when I woke up, looked in the mirror and said out loud “holy crap I haven’t seen color in my cheeks for months”. It was like I forgot what I used to look like. Life, returned.

Being a Health Coach over the years, I have discovered that countless women face symptoms of hormone imbalance, and it is hormones which truly rule our health! Everything from how well we sleep, how well we digest and utilize nutrients in our food, to our risk of many diseases – starts with hormone balance.

No two hormone blueprints are the same, and the “norm” for hormone levels fluctuates based on a variety of factors. Understanding which foods have a healing affect and which wreck havoc on your health can be confusing. The whole darn thing is overwhelming, especially when you feel have zero energy and focus.

SO many of my women clients have asked me to start a program like The Thyroid Makeover and I am so proud to announce that it has finally arrived. But before I share all the juicy details about super early bird enrollment, I want to share some tools that can help jump-start your health in ways you will FEEL.

I have some free gifts up for grabs  – that I  tell you from the bottom of my heart – will transform and re-inspire your healthy journey day after day.  I’m sharing more than $1200 of some of my favorite things, to arm you with some essential tools for lasting success. These are things I use personally and have used for many years and I am honored to share them with you…for FREE!

Including a new Blendtec, cuppow lids , Ball mason jars, along with healing oils, Lavender Hill tea, Strawsome glass drinking straws, Native Forest coconut milk, Himala Sea Salts, my Deliciously Decadent eBook and so much more, this is something you won’t want to miss.

Yes- it’s kinda awesome and totally free. So make sure to get in on the fun.

The Thyroid Makeover is a 5-module, home study eCourse designed to rejuvenate your hormones and rediscover your glow using super foods, essential oils, herbs, roots and spices. Bite by bite I will empower you with tools to  reclaim your body and health using healing whole foods, healing elixirs, oils and more.

The course is packed with all the essentials to boost your thyroid health naturally and bring your hormones back to happy. 

Super early bird registration is now open and and will only be available thru midnight on October 1st!  

For now, let’s kick start your hormone makeover and head over to The Throid Makeover Giveaway to register to win big.