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3 HUGE Signs of Hormone Imbalance : 3 Part Series - Medicinal Nutrition

3 HUGE Signs of Hormone Imbalance : 3 Part Series

Well hello friends, its been a awhile. Four months a while!

As many of you know I took the last few months off for my planned maternity leave. It is hard to believe so much time has passed. All new moms everywhere will understand when I say it seems kinda like one, continuous day!

To say that my days have been FULL would be an understatement. Not just full being a new mom, but FULL and overflowing with so much happiness. Staying at home with my baby is nothing (repeat nothing) like I envisioned, at least not yet. She is still so young and new to the world, needing so much from me and I am so happy to give her all that she needs.

As these post-pardem days have passed, it has been so helpful to bring my knowledge about holistic health and hormone balancing into action. In the blog posts ahead for this year, I will be talking a lot about hormones. From boosting fertility naturally, thyroid health, managing your menstrual cycle, birthing tools (and expectations), essential oils for hormones, healthy detox tips, along with breastfeeding information and everything in between. Most important, I want to talk with you about these topics in a real-deal, no BS way.

As a new mother, you suddenly find yourself multi-tasking as caretaker, teacher, diaper changer, appointment setter and chief of household. While a new and busier schedule certainly contributes to daily overwhelm, it is our hormones controlling just about everything behind the scenes. A once peaceful lifestyle can feel as if it evaporated into sleepless nights, beauty-less days, weight imbalances, irregular periods and a whirlwind of anxiety that comes in waves as you navigate this new world of “mom”.

Women underestimate how much their hormones affect their everyday life. We attribute things like hair loss, constipation, dulling skin, decreased sex-drive, PMS, emotional roller coasters and mild depression as “things we are dealing with” but reality is, these could all be signs your hormones are calling out for help.

In this three-part blog series I will be exploring 3 HUGE signs of hormone imbalance and ways you can begin to holistically guide your body get back into balance. At the end of the series I will be sharing my 10-step mini-guide to Holistically Balanced Hormones for FREE with everyone on my Healthy Bits Newsletter list – so make sure you are squared away and signed up.

Todays topic is about Restless Sleep and Insomnia

When hormones are out of balance, one of the first noticeable signs is an inability to get to sleep, stay asleep or sleep soundly.  Sleep is so crucial for our well-being, not just for obvious reasons but because it is the time our body rejuvenates and detoxes naturally. While we are fast asleep, our liver and cell bodies are busy working through and eliminating toxins in our body. If we are not sleeping soundly or if we eat late or during the night time hours  – our body is distracted digesting and working on the present moment, vs digging deep to sweep things out. I can’t stress how important your liver is when it comes to healthy hormones.  Read this in depth blog post to understand your liver’s role in healthy hormones. 

Yes, your lovely little liver is one of the key players of your hormone health. Aside from converting fat, protein and carbohydrates to energy in your body, the liver is responsible for eliminating excess toxins and excess hormones, removing bacteria, balancing electrolytes, boosting immune function, synthesizing sex hormones and regulating existing hormone levels in your body. The liver needs to be nourished, and sleep is part of that nourishment.

Some believe insomnia can actually be a symptom of an imbalanced liver or liver disease – as the two go hand in hand. Poor sleep more commonly could be symptomatic of a thyroid hormone imbalance, histamine imbalance, adrenal fatigue (stress) or an imbalance of the sex hormones estrogen or progesterone (by the way all things a healthy liver can help with!)

One thing for certain is that sleep is a natural action that should come effortlessly. If sleeping is an ongoing and chronic issue, please don’t ignore this sign. Extended sleep deprivation can further cause a cascade of hormone and health imbalances, making the root cause even harder to pin point and address.

So what can you do to help with insomnia or restless sleep issues?

Use two of the biggest weapons you have for defending your health: Diet and Lifestyle.

Make sure you sign up here to receive my free 10-step mini-guide to Holistically Balanced Hormones, which will be sent out at the end of this blog series. While insomnia is rarely “cured” over night, you can begin to source the cause of your night-owl syndrome.

Is it habitual? Are you using electronics too late and too often, stimulating your senses to close to bedtime? Are you eating or drinking too close to bedtime? Is your bed/room/environment comfortable? Sometimes makes tweaks or minding a calming bedtime routine can help significantly.

Is it stress? Do you stay awake thinking about bills/money/kids/work? Do you keep a journal? Do you have a healthy physical outlet for your stress?

Is it food related? How much coffee and caffeinated beverages are you drinking? When is your last one in a day?  Are you eating too much sugar? Eating too late? If these questions are sounding off a bell for you – These are all things we address my 11-day Balanced Detox starting January 28th. Its free and awesome, so make sure you are part of that! More below.

Hormones out of whack? Do you have other hormone imbalance symptoms like sudden dry skin, weight gain, sweating while sleeping, always cold, hair loss, craving sugar constantly? These are just a few to evaluate but sleep alone can be an indicator. Many women commonly suffer from an estrogen dominance, thyroid issues or adrenal imbalance which can all lead to issues with sleeping.

When it comes to your endocrine system and your entire well-being, remember that we are self-healing organisms. When given half a chance, your body wants to rejuvenate, heal and thrive.

In my upcoming Balanced Detox 11-day clean eating challenge, we will be talking about naturally detoxing the body (and the liver) using healing and medicinal FOODS. Its free, so join the party and sign up now. (starts January 28th)

No matter the cause of your sleepless nights, making key dietary changes along with creating a sound sleep routine will help to heal your body and re-establish healthy Z’s. Stay tuned for the upcoming blog posts on this topic, and if you signed up keep a look out for your free 10-step mini-guide to Holistically Balanced Hormones which will be sent in a few weeks.