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11 Day Challenge - Medicinal Nutrition

The Balanced Detox 11 Day Challenge

Transform your body from the inside out.

Redefine detox and cleanse with WHOLE and HEALTHY foods.

Deeply nourish your body.

Join my 11-Day Balanced Detox Challenges


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 The best part? it’s FREE.

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Who knew clean eating could taste so good?

Join me for a The Balanced Detox™ – FREE Seasonal Challenges where we redefine “detox” and eat healthy and whole to deeply cleanse and rejuvenate your body. I created these (free) 11-day Seasonal Challenges to inspire and motivate you to a clean, plant-based, nutrient dense detox that will have your craving for more.

Each detox comes with a FREE downloadable Balanced Detox Guide overflowing with inspiring information, healthy bits, free tools and delicious, plant-based recipes. During the 11-day challenge, I’ll be sending you daily emails with bonus recipes and tips to inspire your seasonal whole-food detox.

Eating clean and whole food is not only healing and cleansing – it tastes delicious. (Just ask my 55,000+ fans on Facebook, and Pinterest!) I have a dedicated tribe of healthy warriors passionate about healing with food and I hope you join us!

Invite family and friends to join the challenge!


I’m passionate about making healthy eating a lifestyle. Ditch the diet, let me show you how.

You start off with the 11-Day Challenge but it definitely doesn’t end there! Eating clean, plant-based food is a sustainable lifestyle that (once tasted) usually continues well beyond the 11-day challenge. During each seasonal challenge, you will be eating FOOD. Whole, real and delicious FOOD. But as the end of this challenge draws near, I have a hunch you aren’t even going to crave some of the things you think you may miss (victory!)

Are you up for the 11-Day Challenge?

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Each 11-Day Challenge Kit Includes:

  • The Balanced Detox Guide: A bautifuly designed guide of what is in store for each seasonal 11-day Balanced Detox challenge + my core principles on how to detox with food. This guide includes educational resources, along with free meal inspirations and healthy recipes to get you started.
  • The Balanced Detox Tool Kit: This is a digital resource which includes free downloadable guides, handouts and emails where we dig deeper into:
    • Seasonal eating
    • Inflammation
    • Juice cleansing
    • Hormone balancing
    • Kicking sugar
    • Plant-based proteins
    • Goal-setting
    • Emotional detoxing
  • Online Community: My Facebook community will be rockin’ during the 11-Day Challenge, complete with bonus recipes and daily support.
  • 17 Days of Email Inspiration: A daily dose of Balanced Detox delivered to your inbox, daily.
  • Bonus Videos: cooking demos, using essential oils, skin brushing, natural body care and much more.
  • Bonus 3-day Juice Cleanse in Spring and Summer
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Looking to buy the Balanced Detox Recipe Cards from past seasons?
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