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3 Foods (to Avoid) For a Thriving Thyroid

Thyroid imbalance is everywhere. Countless women (and some men) come to work with me, seeking holistic help in healing their thyroid naturally. While each individual has a unique set of circumstances driving their bio-individual needs, addressing common root causes  of thyroid imbalance ensures a smooth ride on the road to healing. There are many environmental […]

cruciferous vegetables

Must Know Facts: Hypothyroid and Cruciferous Veggies

As at thyroid coach and advocate, it pains me when I read mis-information about thyroid health, in particularly when it comes to nutrition and healing. I often read about the “benefits” of iodine supplementation and the “dangers” of eating cruciferous vegetables  – both matters needing clarification and guidance when healing naturally, especially since each person […]

Does Organic Matter

Does Organic Matter?

I remind my clients all the time, that eating organic doesn’t only ensure you are avoiding pesticides/herbicides/fungicides damaging to your health and environment, but you are voting with your dollars and supporting organic farming every time you go food shopping. But there is so much more to the equation. How and where your food is […]

Running on Empty: Hypothyroid

I found a post I wrote years ago about thyroid health and had to share. See, I discovered all this good information because I myself suffered from a severe hypothyroid for years. I know what it’s like to feel exhausted, yet not be able to sleep soundly. I know how it feels to see your […]

TEDX List of Potential Hormone Disruptors

The TEDX List of Potential Hormone Disruptors is a database of chemicals with the potential to affect the endocrine system. Every chemical on the TEDX List has one or more verified citations to published, accessible, primary scientific research demonstrating effects on the endocrine system. Source: Endocrine Disruption.com To download the TEDX list of potential endocrine disruptors, click HERE.