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#1 Step to Supporting Thyroid Health

I would bet that that you or someone you know (if not several people you know) suffer from a thyroid imbalance. I know this, because nearly 20 MILLION people have a thyroid disease in the US alone – with at least half of those people totally unaware of their imbalance. What gives? Thyroid (and endocrine) imbalances have become so rampant and common, […]

3 Foods (to Avoid) For a Thriving Thyroid

Thyroid imbalance is everywhere. Countless women (and some men) come to work with me, seeking holistic help in healing their thyroid naturally. While each individual has a unique set of circumstances driving their bio-individual needs, addressing common root causes  of thyroid imbalance ensures a smooth ride on the road to healing. There are many environmental […]

cruciferous vegetables

Must Know Facts: Hypothyroid and Cruciferous Veggies

As at thyroid coach and advocate, it pains me when I read mis-information about thyroid health, in particularly when it comes to nutrition and healing. I often read about the “benefits” of iodine supplementation and the “dangers” of eating cruciferous vegetables  – both matters needing clarification and guidance when healing naturally, especially since each person […]

Running on Empty: Hypothyroid

I found a post I wrote years ago about thyroid health and had to share. See, I discovered all this good information because I myself suffered from a severe hypothyroid for years. I know what it’s like to feel exhausted, yet not be able to sleep soundly. I know how it feels to see your […]