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cruciferous vegetables

Must Know Facts: Hypothyroid and Cruciferous Veggies

As at thyroid coach and advocate, it pains me when I read mis-information about thyroid health, in particularly when it comes to nutrition and healing. I often read about the “benefits” of iodine supplementation and the “dangers” of eating cruciferous vegetables  – both matters needing clarification and guidance when healing naturally, especially since each person […]

beet juice

Sweet Roots Blast Sugar Cravings

Sugar is addictive. Even a small amount will create a desire for more and when you suddenly quit sugar it usually comes along with withdraw symptoms like migraines, strong cravings and irritability. The day after Thanksgiving, we are all feeling a little STUFFED and BLAH.  Sweet root veggies are THE way to bust sugar cravings […]

Green Juice

4 Simple Steps to the Perfect Whole Juice

As a practice, I try to commit to making a whole juice for breakfast at least a few days a week. I do this for a few reasons:  whole juice is loaded with nutrients, fiber, water and easy to digest goodness (I drink lemon water first upon waking, then make my whole juice) morning time […]

It’s National KALE Day!

Well, yesterday was….! I have been so busy cooking up some transforming and educational content for my upcoming home study eCourse, The Thyroid Makeover, that I didn’t stop and take a moment to honor my FAVORITE dark, leafy green on planet Earth… KALE!  Kale adds beautiful color and some serious positive nutrition to every meal. My […]

The One-Step Detox.

Do you think healthy eating is complicated? Do you sometimes wish there was a quicker way to finally feeling good? In this post I’m sharing a-must-eat-food to detox, replenish and boost cellular health all at the same time. Enter: dark, leafy greens. By now, you have heard that eating greens is good for you and kale […]