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cruciferous vegetables

Must Know Facts: Hypothyroid and Cruciferous Veggies

As at thyroid coach and advocate, it pains me when I read mis-information about thyroid health, in particularly when it comes to nutrition and healing. I often read about the “benefits” of iodine supplementation and the “dangers” of eating cruciferous vegetables  – both matters needing clarification and guidance when healing naturally, especially since each person […]

apple cider vinegar ACV

Whole Food Focus: Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV)

Natural Apple Cider Vinegar (sometime known in short as “ACV”) is made by crushing fresh, organically grown apples and allowing them to mature in wooden barrels. This process boosts the natural fermentation qualities of the crushed apples, which differs from the refined and distilled vinegars found traditionally in supermarkets. When the vinegar is mature, it creates web-like bacterial foam […]

Acid and Alkaline balance? The pH scoop…

Lots of people ask me about the acid and alkaline balance. The truth is, despite what some may say – almost all foods will either produce an acidic or an alkaline effect in the blood once they are digested and metabolized. Since our blood is normally slightly alkaline, with a pH level of between 7.35 […]