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Do the symptoms of hormone imbalance rule your life? I suffered for YEARS with symptoms from Hashimoto’s thyroid disease, so I feel ya! Dull dry skin, brain fog, weight gain, constipation – it sucks. For decades I suffered from intolerable, painful periods, PMS like nobody’s business and countless symptoms stemming from my thyroid disease. When […]

Magnesium: the missing mineral

Magnesium.  More than 75% of adults are deficient in this mineral, but the risk of deficiency is even greater in women who have endocrine related like hypo/hyper thyroid, Hashimoto’s or Graves disease.  It is also one of the most common mineral deficiencies in industrialized nations. Magnesium is essential to bones and fuels the “electrical” system of […]

Mastering PMS and Painful Periods

Struggling with the physical aspects of PMS like bloating, acne and digestive issues is tough enough, but the emotional roller-coaster can leave you feeling like you’re losing your mind. PMS can bring with it a rush of hormones so strong, they can shift the way you think and feel. When Aunt Flow and her hormone […]