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Everyday Products + Your Hormones: The Toxic TRUTH

It’s a toxic world out there. Pollution, sunscreen, plastics…but what about our personal care and home cleaning products? In a given day,  do you know how many products are you using in/on and around your body? The average person uses between 11-19 products daily, and I am certain all of us THINK what we are using […]

Digestive Health Coach

Detox, Digestion and Disorder

Without question, the gut is very much like a second brain in the body. What is happening in the gut, is representative of your overall health. As an expert on whole-food nutrition, countless community members come to be asking about “detox” and digestion. In my courses and eBooks, I cover in depth the workings of our […]

Wrinkle fighting foods

If you are like me, you can sometimes be a sucker for the latest skin care product that promises to erase wrinkles, balance skin tone, and increase glow. Who doesn’t want more glow?  We all know there is no such thing as youth in a bottle, but Mother Nature has provided us the closest thing to finding […]