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Meet Jennifer Leigh - Medicinal Nutrition

Meet Jennifer Leigh

Jennifer Leigh Burnett

HI. I’m Jennifer Leigh Burnett: crunchy mommy, lover of greens, best-selling author of the anthology Balance for Busy Moms and certified nutrition coach with years of experience coaching women just like you. I’m here to help you feel healthy, whole and balanced…one bite at a time.

But first and foremost, I am a woman like you. I know first-hand what it’s like to wake up already exhausted, feel cranky, swollen, bloated and uncomfortable in my own skin. In my mid-twenties, the years of  suffering through severe and painful periods, emotional PMS, low energy and digestive imbalance started to come to a head. I was miserable. I shopped myself happy and had so many voids in my life. I was a piece of emotional swiss cheese. I lived in a tiny walk-up apartment, ate dinner out almost every night (hardly ever cooking my own meals) and pushed my body to workout “hard”, yet felt chronically exhausted. I was a mess.

After I started to experience hair loss, combined with weeks of insomnia, dry skin patches, night sweats and heart palpitations, I went to see my doctor.  Part of me worried, the other part of me knew it was nothing – I chalked it up to stress. After all at the time I was helping my father recover from a massive heart attack, struggling with my career/purpose, mourning an old relationship and felt lost spiritually – I was running on empty.

The doctor, like ALL the others before her, offered me birth control pills and a sleeping aid. Thanks but no thanks, deep inside I knew something wasn’t right. A few weeks later I came down with the worst flu ever and ‘accidentally’ discovered I was severely hypothyroid. To boot, I was told that I had an autoimmune condition affecting my hormonal health.

Let me tell you, as a young woman in her reproductive years, I was secretly worried. Were those decades of painful and heavy periods, and this new diagnosis of an endocrine condition going to affect my dreams of having a family? I wanted to feel good in my skin again, I wanted to heal my body. I was determined to end my painful monthly cycles and I wanted to do it naturally.

As I started to peel back the layers of my life starting with my food – something crazy happened. My thyroid levels improved and the literal glow of my skin returned.  My digestion improved, I didn’t feel lost in brain fog and within a year, I felt a palpable shift. For the first time, after years of specialists and doctors – I started to feel alive.

In 2009, after studying alongside some of the world’s leading wellness educators, I opened the virtual doors to Medicinal Nutrition. Today I am a women’s natural health expert specializing is holistic hormone and thyroid health, natural fertility and anti-aging thru lifestyle and nutritional rebalancing. I help women rebalance thyroid health, reboot their period, improve natural fertility and get back their glow from the inside out.

My philosophy is based on a unique melting pot of modern dietary theories combined with ancient wisdom of traditional healing like Ayurveda and traditional Chinese medicine. It’s my founding principle that there isn’t one universal diet for all. I believes to truly thrive in great health, you need to design your diet and lifestyle practices for your biological needs.

I am honored that you found my page. I say “welcome home” because the path you are about to embark upon is truly liberating. You were born to feel good. I never stop asking the question What feeds your life? Let’s begin.



Professional Bio
I am a Certified Wellness Coach and Holistic Health Counselor accredited with the American association of Drugless Practitioners. My education encompasses over 150 dietary theories, integrating traditional philosophies such as macrobiotics and Ayurveda with modern day concepts like the USDA food pyramid, the glycemic load and raw foods.

I hold my B.Sc. from the State University of New York and am a graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York City, where I was honored to study curriculum from leading wellness educators including Walter Willet (Harvard), David Katz (Yale), Deepak Chopra, T. Colin Campbell (The China Study), Mark Hyman, Andrew Weil and many other innovative leaders in nutrition. I am a Cornell University certified plant-based nutrition coach and in process of a Masters degree in Integrative Health and Nutrition with a combined graduate certificate in Medical Herbalism. My extensive training has allowed me to create a transformative approach to wellness, which examines not only what is on our forks, but all things that feed our lives.

Degrees, studies, certifications

Bachelor of Science: State University of New York
Certified Holistic Health Coach: Institute for Integrative Nutrition, New York City
Plant-based Nutrition and Diseases of Affluence:  T. Colin Campbell Foundation, Cornell University
Certificate in Holistic Health Coaching: Purchase College, SUNY
Masters of Nutrition and Integrative Health (in process)
Graduate Certificate in Medical Herbalism (in process)

American Association of Drugless Practitioners (AADP)
Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM)