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Personalized Hormone Testing - Medicinal Nutrition

Personalized Hormone Testing

I work with clients struggling with fertility, thyroid imbalance, period irregularity, blood sugar imbalances, weight gain, skin issues, inflammation, sleep issues, and wanting to boost their overall health.

And it all comes down to HORMONES. 

Although not always necessary, I find that having a diagnostic baseline can be helpful for many women. It gives us an inside look at your hormones and a current picture of how we can best taylor your personalized wellness plan. My innovative hormone testing enables you to get a comprehensive look into your endocrine health, at a very reasonable out of pocket cost.

How does it work?

I have partnered with two national laboratories offering full blood, blood spot, urine and saliva hormone testing. I offer these tests at the most discounted practitioner rate possible, giving you the most convenient, accurate and innovative testing results for the absolute best value.

Currently, I am able to offer comprehensive thyroid, fertility, micronutrient and weight management hormone profiles which combine the absolute best combination of tests to evaluate a holistic view of what’s happening in your body.

What tests would benefit me? 

Well, let’s find out! First, we need to schedule a complimentary discovery session, where we talk in depth about your health goals and needs.

The consultation session is free. During  your free consultation we will 1) talk about your health history and wellness goals 2) decide on the best test option for your needs and 3) schedule a nutrition coaching session to review your test results, typically available for review 3 days after the test is completed.

For spot, urine and saliva panels, the tests will be delivered to your door – just follow the test kit instructions (which we will also discuss in advance) and return it to the lab. If you are doing a full blood draw test, I will direct you to the closest lab in your area (usually within 1-5 miles).  Again, about 95% of all results are ready for your review in 3 days.

NOTE: My hormone tests must be paired with one of my nutrition coaching options (either a Single Session or Coaching Program) so we can thoroughly review your results together to create a personalized approach for your road ahead.  The hormone testing and nutrition coaching are purchased seperately.

What tests do you offer?

I offer comprehensive testing panels for thyroid, fertility, micronutrient and weight management, as well as individual homrone profile testing as well. We will discuss the specific lab work that will be tested and why it matters, so you begin to better understand your delicate hormones and the essentials of rebalancing your exocrine system naturally.

Common FAQs

Are you a doctor?
I am a Certified Integrative Health Coach, not a medical doctor. My work is based in holistic and functional nutrition and I work with my clients to find balance in their diet and lifestyle choices. 

Can I share these tests with my doctor?
Yes. I encourage all of my clients to discuss this testing with their doctor, as well as share the results with all of your healthcare providers. 

Do you accept insurance?
Some tests do qualify for insurance reduced cost. 

Why do I need to purchase a Single Session or Coaching Program to have my tests completed?
Diagnostic testing is useless if you are not ready to implement changes. My work is rooted in helping clients make nutritious, realistic and lasting changes to guide them towards the balance they need. 

What if I am a current client of yours?
You do not need to purchase a separate session, we will dedicate a session of your current program to discuss the results. However, diagnostic testing is a separate cost from all client programs. 

Where are the labs located if I need a full blood draw test?
In almost every case, we will find a lab within 15 miles of your location. 

CONTACT ME today to get started!